UG Vocalist Yvonne Kushe break-dancing To Ciara's 1,2 step In Just A Bra and Tight Pants -- Surprise!

Posted: 2014-12-22T12:37:57Z

You definitely didn't see this coming, did you?!

Yvonne Kushe break dancing is another welcome to the Xmas holidays with a grinning face. First time we're writing about her and I will say ... she's, well ... officially on our list of red-hot female celebrity opera glass victims.

Kushe took to her instagram Dec. 22 and shared a video that is blowing our minds causing a disarray of impressions. In the video, Kushe is dancing topless ... just a black bra and pair of leggings.

Yvonne has been known as a simple, innocent and quiet singer but this ... we didn't see coming. She shakes her butt and does those cool break dance moves like a pro.

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We thought we had the right biography of her ... but over version only mentions that she's a singer, songwriter, actress and model ... you probably thought so too. None of that includes dancing.

She's a soul singer, so her music doesn't involve dancing whatsoever. So, Howwe Bees, thanks to your favorite gossip site, you now know she can dance too.

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