Amama Mbabazi is guest of honour, Bebe Cool Refuse To Perform ... Because He's a DIE HARD M7 Fan.

Posted: 2014-12-08T00:24:37Z

Moses Ssali popular known as Bebe Cool 'Big Size Titanic XXL' wants you to know he's bigger than you ever thought .. and that you should probably add another X to his alias.

Cool was invited to perform at something called "Western Media Awards" in Western Uganda and he was cool with it ... at least until he realised after performing his first song that former prime minister Amama Mbabazi was the guest of honour.

Amama was a few weeks back fired by H.E president Y.K.M and replaced by Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. That hurt--Amama reportedly wants to stand against his former boss for 2016 presidency.

Cool doesn't seem to like Amama's idea--and his reaction at the awards yesterday Dec. 7th says it all.

We're being told that soon as Cool saw Amama walk in with his wife and the host call out his name as the guest of honour, he freaked and as usual dropped the microphone and moved off the stage.

Cool's reasons for leaving the stage seem sound to him but some revealers tell us it was very childish of him to do--because he got paid to perform not to act up.

Cool blames the organizers for not being completely open to him about whom he was going to perform for besides the obvious audience.

Cool took to his facebook page and shared his thoughts about what happened:

Am shocked by Uganda's politics,i was paid to perform in Mbarara at an event dubbed 'Western awards' to my shock as i perform my second song guest of honour arrives at around 11:30 Amama Mbabazi & wife.For God's sake mr promoter am a MUSEVENI DIE HARD and setting me up to recognise Mbabazi could not work out coz it was just too obvious.

Well, Amama didn't look surprised--like he saw that coming ... and we're told that he was overheard saying he never liked the guy and his music anyway.

PS: "Western Awards" meant to reward outstanding media personalities ... we're recieving reports that these awards were not fair and scads of dirty stuff was going on--the awards have been comprimised and the winners might not have won. That a story for when we have enough proof.

We'll keep you updated in case of any developments.

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