Here Is Peng Peng's Apology To Bebe Cool And Zuena Kirema

Posted: 2014-12-05T00:45:17Z

We saw this coming -- the apology ... from either sides. Peng Peng made a public statement about how unhuman he was to attack Bebe Cool's wife who was not at all supposed to be involved in his feud with Bebe.

About a day ago, Bebe Cool was shooting visuals for his upcoming song "Every Where I Go" ... the behind the scenes photos that were shared on social media showed Zuena Kirema taking photos of Bebe Cool kissing a video vixen on the shot. Peng Peng's alleged misunderstandings with Bebe Cool were channeled to Zuena. Peng apparently said Zuena is a Jelous woman that follows her husband everywhere.

Guys ensonga yaffe ne Bebecool tuzigonjode.I have apologised to him for disrespecting his woman and he has apologised to me as well.I wanna take this opportunity to apologise to every gagamel family member and everyone i offended especially Zuena to forgive me.Bebecool and peng peng we share a bond and i know some people a dore our friendship but because of yestardayz saga they were disapointed in me.Some pipo were happy but i am sorry i cant pretend like it was the best thing to do.I know its gonna be hard for Zuena to digest my apology but i hope someday she will forgive me.Right now i am thrilled that EVERY WHERE I GO video shoot was massive and it costed almost 300million Uganda shillings produced by of God Father.I will try to forget whatever happened and wait for Bebecoolz responce about this apology whether he will post something or not,I am responsible for my actions.So gagamel fanz and team good music peng peng has seized fire.BIG UP BEBECOOL AND ZUENA.Omuganda agamba joova toyombye?Kankole ebyange nabo bakole ebyabwe.Bweliba libade gumba lino lindakide....Ngonze....antegede share this.

Much as we want to believe this feud was really, we can't ... our analysts revealed that Peng, Bebe and Zuena's saga is a move to promote his upcoming video hoping it gets more attention than "Love you Everyday" did ... and it seems to be working. Everyone is waiting for it.

PS: We will have the song available on Bebe Cool's music wall on Howwe Music soon as it is out!