Ugandans Blame Desire Luzinda For Cranes Horrible Loss To Guinea

Posted: 2014-11-21T02:33:41Z

'Thanks to Desire Luzinda, Uganda cranes lost ... again —— Ugandans on social media'.

All the politness and love Desire Luzinda is trying to show to 68 the shame after her nude photos leaked on social media seem to not make sense to Ugandans -- after the disappoint cranes captain 'Andy Mwesigwa' rained on all soccer fans ... Desire apparently is to blame because of showing the entire country and the cranes team her v-gina.

In a post Desire Luzinda shared on her official facebook fan page, about 2 days to the match, she used the title of her song to relate to the cranes team -- she mentioned that the Uganda Cranes had 'Ekitone' (meaning talent).

Ugandans are also blaming DL claiming that since her nude photos leaked, the cranes have lost their vision and they apparently have been thinking of sleeping with her ... instead of focusing on their training.

We've been told that Andy 'the cranes captain' is in hiding and according to reports from redpepper, he quit facebook because of the continuous trolls. Rumour has it that he and the rest of the team were promised Desire Luzinda's legs if they won the game -- they played the last two matches with Desire on their mind ... supposedly.

Do you believe that Desire Luzinda's Nude Photos was a curse to Uganda Cranes?

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