Bebe Cool's Message to Uganda Cranes After Their 0 - 2 Loss To Guinea

Posted: 2014-11-19T22:58:21Z

Uganda still waits: Eighteen Africa Cup of Nations tournaments have been staged since Uganda came close to winning the African Cup of Nations March 16, 1978 -- Sadly, till now, the Cranes have never gotten into the competition again. The Cranes have always come close -- but lose the most important games that define whether or not their are getting back into the tournament (after painstakingly waiting for a long (long) time).

Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers: It was a definite now or never for the Uganda Cranes in Casablanca -- but it ended very ugly.

The Uganda Cranes ambassador and legendary singer Bebe Cool felt the exact same way you did -- if you were behind the cranes. He took to his Facebook fan page and shared an awe-inspiring statement:

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Straight roads never make good drivers,smooth seas never make good sailors,clear sky never make good pilots & a problem free life never makes a strong person.Be strong enough to accept challenges in life ,do not ask why me? Instead say "try me".Have a winning attitude & believe in God. Viva Uganda Cranes,safe journey back home.we will always be behind you.LOVE YOU EVERYDAY

Photo Credit (Red Pepper)

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