I am no longer interested in music - Keko 

Posted: 2022-01-12T20:25:56Z
I am no longer interested in music - Keko 

On Monday night, former hip hop star, Keko appeared on her Instagram live video in a worrying state.

Keko, who lives in Canada seemed confused.

Many of her followers blamed her situation on the excessive use of alcohol and drugs.

While responding to questions of why she is silent, the Canadian citizen said she is no longer interested in music because she is just enjoying life. 

Keko was at one time Africa’s biggest female rapper, something that attracted global record labels like Sony Music.

But upon signing with the label, her music career started a downward curve until she disappeared from the music scene. 

In an interview almost a decade ago, she stated that Sony shelved her music and this frustrated her. 

She lost hope and slowly, she went into depression.