Ugandans warned against doing business with Rihanna’s father

Posted: 2021-12-20T20:10:12Z
Ugandans warned against doing business with Rihanna’s father

Over the weekend, a photo of Ronald Fenty, a father to global superstar Rihanna, having a good time in Uganda went viral on social media.

His reasons for the Fenty are yet to be established, but many suggest that he is in the country to do a pilot study for his daughter, who intends to visit the country shortly.

But Ugandans have been advised not to associate with the father of the young billionaire because of his records.

He was previously involved in shady businesses that saw her daughter sue him.

According to a report by BBC, Rihanna accused him of misusing her name to benefit his own Entertainment Company plus false advertising and Invasion of privacy after he tried to book her for an overseas tour without her permission.

Rihanna later withdrew the case to keep peace with his father. 

According to Rihanna's legal team, he doesn’t represent or work with Rihanna and therefore Ugandans should not close any deal with him concerning Rihanna.