GNL Zamba Conceals Plans to Waken up Baboon Forest Ent

Posted: 2014-10-31T09:28:40Z

The Subsequent parting of Mun*G early this year to manage himself under Kunta Kinte Entertainment, Baboon Forest Entertainment has been lying asleep for some time now.

GNL Zamba, the executive director Baboon Forest Ent., has revealed plans are ongoing to recuperate the group by recruiting young blood.

GNL Zamba said that they have ended the

“one year hiatus” and are ready to unveil what they have been cooking all this while.

“In just a few days we will be releasing new music, videos, unveiling the new Baboon Forest Artists and team, Letting you in on our channel Baboon TV and the Baboon Music group Album,“ he revealed.

GNL added that he was placing final touches on his much anticipated album that will also soon be released.

“I’m putting the Mastering touches on the much anticipated D.R.E.A.M.I.N.G. I.N. C.O.L.O.R. Album, my first TV project and our charity Hip Hop Atuyambe,” he said.