Kabako Starts Building on Disputed Land

Posted: 2021-10-12T19:36:57Z
Kabako Starts Building on Disputed Land

Musician Roden Y Kabako recently started constructing on the heavily disputed land in Busabala. He claims he has all the documents for the said land, no one can grab it while he is still alive.

Last week, the singer offloaded building materials and a foundation was laid. The singer says he is setting up commercial shops which will be rent out.

It was earlier believed that he would establish a home there but he says he hasn’t gotten the money to build his dream home.

“I need a big chunk of land for my home. I am still looking for the money. When I get it, I will start constructing,” he explains.

A few days back, a wall fence on the same land was put down by unknown people.