Africa Salutes Fada Pest's Knock Hard And Pune Songs

Posted: 2014-10-30T00:10:41Z

Ugandan dancehall vet. Major Fada Pest receives honour for his mathematical interpretation from two of his dancehall singles "Knock Hard" and "Pune".

Africa recalls Fada Pest who has at last found path to cement his name as his set to appear on BBC TV and Radio.

Fada Pest who has been doing music since early 90s every year is going hard and harder. Composing different styles to set path for others.

Fada believes "in creativity of reading and interpreting the time signatures of music, there is a top secret behind melodies that represses the human mind"

Fada Pest has been handed the project "Mataiyifa Ya Afrika"  which he has set to release new single Maama Afrika_Fada Pest.

Mama Afrika has been recorded in Nubia Records facilities, written and sang by Fada Pest as he did with Pune the single.

MTV base correspondent famous peng peng peng viber pro, the amplified urban hustler will officiate the single when is due.

You can download Fada Pest's Pune And Knock Hard