I Have Great Love for Vinka—Irene Ntale 

Posted: 2021-09-30T20:12:37Z
I Have Great Love for Vinka—Irene Ntale 

Musician Irene Ntale seems to have buried the hatchet between her and former manager, Vinka. The two fell out years ago when Swangz Avenue allegedly decided to prioritize Vinka as an artist at the expense of Ntale. The latter was subsequently forced out of the label.  

The two artists then had a silent war going on but as they say, time heals wounds.

During a Twitter Q&A session, Ntale expressed her admiration for Vinka and ranks her among her favorites.

Ntale said this in response to a fan's question of who she considers as the best artist between her and Vinka.

She commented, “They are both my favorites. I love them both ❤️”

And on Wednesday, another fan asked Ntale if she would allow returning to Swangz Avenue, she replied; "snake bites".

There is still Ntale bad blood between her and former bosses at Swangz bosses whom she compares to poisonous reptiles.

Irene Ntale officially quit Swangz Avenue in late 2017 after several years of making hit songs at the label.