I didn't Chase Fille From The Label - Babaritah 

Posted: 2021-09-28T19:34:49Z
I didn't Chase Fille From The Label - Babaritah 

When songbird Fille Mutoni bitterly separated with boyfriend and music manager, Mc Kats, she signed to Maritini Entertainment. She joined fellow singer Babaritah Mirembe at the label.

Babaritah immediately announced that Fille was like her sister and she had known her for many years.

The two singers then released a song dubbed “Essawa Yonna” and it still enjoys fair airplay on different radio stations.

But for the past week, reports have been circulating that Fille was shown the exit after a fight with her manager over drug abuse.

But Babaritah has come out to defend the “Sabula” hitmaker saying, “Those are baseless rumors, but Fille is very fine. You will see her very soon if you need her".

Fille is reportedly in rehab trying to fight drug addiction less than five months after she was discharged.