Halima Namakula, Eddy Sendi War Escalates 

Posted: 2021-09-14T19:30:37Z
Halima Namakula, Eddy Sendi War Escalates 

Music critic, Eddy Sendi, has threatened to expose Halima Namakula's top dirty secrets if she continues to poke him.

He urged her to shut up and concentrate on other important issues instead of attacking and belittling him because of his height.

In an interview, he claimed that he has a lot of information about Namakula, she should stop daring him. 

It should be noted that in Talk and Talk show on Dembe FM,  Sendi claimed that Halima Namakula doesn’t know how to sing. He wondered how she even made it to the top.

Furious Halima fired back at Ssendi. 

"Indeed, I don’t have those sweet vocals but what I know is that when we step on stage, I can beat you hands down. I haven’t seen anyone in Uganda who is better than me while performing on stage,” Halima said.

She added, "I have made lots of money and assets from my poor vocals. What does Ssendi have?  

Namakula also denied having any knowledge of someone known as Eddy Sendi.

She went ahead to describe him like a pygmy.