Tycoon Lwasa Shocks the Country with a Pimple-Like Whopper

Posted: 2021-08-22T18:05:04Z
Tycoon Lwasa Shocks the Country with a Pimple-Like Whopper

Masaka businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has been a news-maker ever since his ascent to the limelight. He is famous for his opulent lifestyle and an enormous appetite for women. It is all that keeps him in our faces. No surprise, he is linked to a sex tape that has been doing the rounds on social media over the weekend. 

The viral video shows the man lying on the bed with a phone in his hands, exhibiting his thumb-like manhood with a close likeness to Lwasa.

However, he says he has not taken or been filmed in any video, and the purported video is ‘photoshopped’.

In a Facebook post which has since been deleted, he wrote, “You would have been good editors if you put me on a good bed that suits my class. Next time when editing, always mind about the head movement so that it fits the body and always make a longer video.

Meanwhile, social media in-laws are still wondering how he failed to go for manhood enlargement.

They advised him to contact Facco so that they can help him enhance his thin whopper, which is so disappointing.