Bobi Wine Betrayed Us - Buchaman on Leaving Firebase 

Posted: 2021-08-10T18:49:00Z
Bobi Wine Betrayed Us - Buchaman on Leaving Firebase 

Musician Bobi Wine and Bucha Man were close friends and music partners for a long time. Together they started the Firebase music crew alongside Bebe Cool.

Bucha Man believes Bobi Wine turned the group into a family business.

"Bobi Wine forgot the reasons why we started Firebase Entertainment Crew. He turned it into his business and many of us felt disappointed. He betrayed us when the group started bringing in money," he partly explained in an interview with a local YouTuber. 

Bucha Man gained a lot of prominence from organizations for advocating the rights of persons with disabilities, he often sang about his disability and general discrimination from the public.

For many years, Bucha Man was Bobi Wine's designated vice president. Under the crew, he released songs such as; Banakampala, Lwaki Temumatila, and Mwagalaki. 

As the Ghetto president's second in command, Bucha Man fought all his president's musical and at times physical wars against the likes of Bebe Cool and Chameleone.

However, in 2011, Bucha Man shocked Ugandans by revealing he was leaving Fire Base Crew; he cited exploitation by Bobi Wine.

He even recorded a song attacking his former boss, "Kyagulasada", on top of his controversial move to appear alongside Bebe Cool at the Battle of Champions.