You’re A Struggling Gay Artist- DJ Roger On Nick Nola

Posted: 2014-10-25T07:39:44Z

   DJ Roger who plays at Club Venom and Club Rouge was punched in the face by singer Nick Nola. Motivation? He didn’t have Nick Nola’s music in his  n   collection.

Rather than trade blows, DJ Roger decided to keep calm and do spin his discs.

dj roger

But the man who calls himself Seven star DJ couldn’t let a “failed and struggling musician” bruised his ego so he took the fight to Facebook.

“So unfortunate that an upcoming artist with no hit song for all his life … gets up and punches my face bcoz I don’t have his music in my laptop,” DJ Roger ranted.

“Nick Nola, I know yo a struggling gay artist who sleeps around with old women to earn a living,” Roger posted.

“One thing you have to know is they never beat DJs. These are some of the reasons why you had a flopped concert at Venom with only two bitches.”

“You want to climb using a fight? They are gonna get you down bcoz you hit a wrong person … they don’t hit DJs, they do good music and give it to DJs,” Roger advised Nola.

Thanks to social media.