Chameleon is Still Under UMA  - Cindy 

Posted: 2021-07-11T18:22:49Z
Chameleon is Still Under UMA  - Cindy 

Musician Cinderella Sanyu has opened up on the just formed Association headed by Chameleone. She said most of the members in the group are still under UMA leadership and non has resigned including Jose Chameleone.

She explained that that the UMA laws are very clear that a member can only lose his membership after resignation. So Chameleone hasn't officially withdrawn from the UMA.

"Chameleone is still Under our UMA, he hasn't resigned and returned the card, so I can't say he is a nonmember. Just like all the other musicians who are with him. They all haven't quit," he said in an interview with a cal television.

Chameleone, Pallaso, and other struggling musicians formed the Superstars association to get money from the government.