Kasuku: Chameleone’s Association Won’t Last

Posted: 2021-07-02T17:33:37Z
Kasuku: Chameleone’s Association Won’t Last

Media personality and entertainment analyst, Kuku Wazanga has cast doubt on the longevity of Jose Chameleone’s new music outfit dubbed the Uganda Hitmakers Federation.

The group was formed on Monday and intends to advance the interests of all hitmakers something Chameleone and other members say they were not getting in Uganda Musicians' Association (UMA).

According to Kasuku, Chameleone only wants to get money from the government and after his mission is done, the federation, or whatever they chose to call it, will die out.

UMA, on the other hand, he says could last, but not without losing members to Chameleone’s group.

Kasuku advises that UMA should find a place in its setup to accommodate Chameleone’s federation.