GNL Zamba Starts Halloween A Little Early ... With Vampire Teeth and Uncarved Pumpkins.

Posted: 2014-10-24T05:50:53Z Read: 3,756 times

Legendary rapper, GNL Zamba has already started putting together his Halloween costumes and scare art ... why not,  It's only 7 days to the actual date!

If you mention Halloween to a stranger on the streets of Kampala, they may respond with ‘Who?’ The more traditional Ugandans will tell you that the slightly murky backgrounds of the holiday, satanic according to some, make it something to avoid. However there are a good number of the new generation who plan and look forward to October 31st.

There is no study to support this but Kampalans are quick to adopt anything that has ‘party’ written in it. Thus the tradition of celebrating Halloween has steadily caught fire. Although it’s a Western tradition, it has become popular here because it involves fun, booze and dressing up.

GNL Zamba 'Ceaser', of course, is already putting on an epic scare with his new found love, Vampire teeth. He needs some blood! ... hey, he's got pumpkins too ... ready to do some cool carvings. Any ideas for your favorite rapper?!

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A Vampire Ceaser needs some blood: Zamba with his vampire teeth.

See the punkins ... someone just started Halloween in style!

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