Chameleone brands Kabako broke

Posted: 2021-06-21T18:50:58Z
Chameleone brands Kabako broke

Roden Y Kabako was involved in a bitter verbal exchange with the LC1  chairman only identified as Ntuyo over a piece of land in Busabala.

He accuses the chairman of conniving with other people to sell his land.

The singer then flooded social media with videos of the incident.

He was also temporarily arrested for trespassing on the same land.

Several fans judged him for failing to contact authorities instead of fighting with the locals.

Musician Jose Chameleone mocked him and branded him broke for crying over a small piece of land in an excessively aggressive manner. He said the whole scene was uncalled for. 

While appearing on Dj Shiru’s Koona Show, Jose Chameleone said he is lucky not to be as broke as Kabako.