Dj Jacob Furious After Missing Out on Promoters Cash 

Posted: 2021-05-30T19:59:44Z
Dj Jacob Furious After Missing Out on Promoters Cash 

Last week, the government compensated music promoters whose shows were canceled due to Covid- 19.

Promoters who banged a lion's share include; Abitex, Bajjo events, and Balaam promotions among others. This has not settled well with a section of promoters who claim to have lost cash in the stopped events.

Media personality Jacob Omutuzze is furious for missing out on the list of the paid promoters. 

He explained that he invested over 100million Uganda shillings in the  "SparkTVMegaFest" but didn't get any refund from the government, instead his cash was given to a different person.

"I was the promoter behind SparkTVMegaFest and I invested over 100million in it so that it can happen. If you see me doing stupid things don't abuse me because you don't know how it feels someone getting money through your sweat," he partly said.

Promoters Abitex and  Balunywa are accused of cheating different promoters on their cash refund.