Alex Muhangi Cries out After Missing on Promoters' Money

Posted: 2021-05-27T19:56:04Z
Alex Muhangi Cries out After Missing on Promoters' Money

Comedian Alex Muhangi might be considered well off, but he is not yet rich enough not to whine when he misses out on the opportunity to get some money from the government.

Recently, the government released a stimulus fund amounting to 5BN to compensate music promoters for losses incurred during the COVID-19 lockdown that started last year in March.

The money was expected to be shared amongst various promoters, but only a few have benefited and this has caused fights.

Muhangi is among those who missed out on the list and he has joined those protesting saying that the leaders of the promoters' association approached him and asked for documents to prove that he had concerts lined up during the lockdown. But what shocked him is that his name was scraped off the list. 

“I submitted my documents. Unbeknownst to me, they wanted to use the credibility of my entity, Comedy Store because we are a legit company,” Muhangi cries out.

Balaam Barugahare , Abitex are among those being accused swindling the money.