'Juliana Kanyomozi You’re the best ' , Ganda boys

Posted: 2014-10-22T05:02:52Z

The Ganda Boys were formed during 2008 through an exciting collaboration on the highly acclaimed 2009 BBC-TV drama series, MOSES JONES, which was nominated for a 2010 British Academy Award for “Best Original Music Score”. 

Ganda boys however are happy and excited for the project (something of my life) they did with Juliana Kanyomozi. The boys in their message to Juliana , expressed how touching and relaxing her voice is ,in that it can make you dream big .

Very honored to present our new collaboration with the wonderfully talented Juliana Kanyomozi. This song will speak to you, whisper into that inner chamber of your heart, console you, and help you to dream big dreams. But listen to Juliana's voice - singing like you've never heard her sing before..... her phrasing and soulful (and honest) delivery makes this song come alive!....We are thrilled. Juliana, you are the best!, said Ganda Boys

The song something of my life when you listen to it gives you the same feeling the Ganda boys say about it