Rabadaba Regrets Signing with Black Market Records

Posted: 2021-05-17T20:18:30Z
Rabadaba Regrets Signing with Black Market Records

Dancehall artiste Rabadaba has no good memories of his time under Black Market Records.

The record label is currently responsible for artists like Nina Roz, Daddy Andre, Angella Katatumba, and Bruno K.

He states that the label is only exploiting the artists without investing much.

“I think they have so much on their plate than they can chew. They have musicians across the continent and outside yet they can’t handle them all,” says Rabadaba.

“They didn’t do anything for me. Nothing significant. I was able to release two music videos under the label but they were poor quality videos worth $1000. That’s money I can afford. How can you use peanuts to shoot two music videos? They like to spend very little and will do anything to achieve that goal. Can you imagine they made me shoot two music videos in 24 hours because they wanted to cut costs! Bogus,” she laments.

He also believes artists like Daddy Andre will not grow under the label.