Rema's 'Handbag' Evelyn Namulondo Dreams To Have Man Like  Hamza

Posted: 2021-04-29T18:34:20Z Read: 886 times
Rema's 'Handbag' Evelyn Namulondo Dreams To Have Man Like  Hamza

Musician Rema Namukula and actress Evelyn Namulondo are inseparable. 

Namulondo spends most of her time admiring Rema's hubby, Hamza Ssebunya.

She even joined the couple for the Dubai trip. Talking about Hamza, smitten Namulondo said every woman deserves a man who is responsible and humble like Hamza.

"Every woman deserves a man like Hamza Ssebunya who is not shy to love his partner. That is the kind of character I am looking for in a partner," she partly said in a video posted on social media.

She said good men are few, but when you fall in love with one, he loves you for centuries. Namulondo said one of the reasons she is not married is that she hasn't found the right partner.