Mary Bata Saved My Life -Kemi Sera

Posted: 2021-04-21T19:45:45Z
Mary Bata Saved My Life -Kemi Sera

Band Musician Kemi Seera is a well-known survivor of drug abuse. She used to drink all tribes of alcohol and smoke weed. Many thought she wouldn't be alive today.

However, with God's power and the help of friends, she managed to stagger through the situation and she is happily back on her feet.

Talking about drugs, failed relationships, and music, Kemi Seera thanked fellow musician, Mary Bata for taking over her music management and offering the best advice she will ever get. She said that Mary Bata was heaven-sent, she saved her life when she had given up.

She expressed her gratitude through an interview with a local YouTuber.

She also confirmed that she had quit alcohol.