Luzze Honors Douglas Lwanga as Record TV Closes Shop

Posted: 2021-03-31T20:09:34Z
Luzze Honors Douglas Lwanga as Record TV Closes Shop

Media personality  Andrew Luzze Anderson thanked NBS's presenter Douglas Lwanga has hosted his last show, Ekigunda, on Record TV on Wednesday evening.

During the show, he invited Douglas Lwanga who started the program which was then called Katogo.  

Luzze used the chance to shower Douglas with praises, saying that he is the best TV host in the entertainment business.  Luzze revealed that it has been hard for him to build the Ekigunda show because some people still referred to it as Katogo.

He thanked Douglas for standing with him when he lost his job at WBS.

It can be recalled that Luzze was working with WBS before its closure. He spent 7 months without work, and he says those days were the toughest in his life.  “Douglas is the only person in the media who visited me while I was unemployed. He has a good heart, I thank God for him,” Luzzi said while hosting Douglas.

Record TV ended its operations in Uganda due to low business. The station hasn't been making money, it couldn't run its activities smoothly. Workers had gone for months without pay.