Mr. Mosh starts a Talent School

Posted: 2021-03-31T19:41:30Z Read: 532 times
Mr. Mosh starts a Talent School

Mr. Mosh is a veteran radio and TV presenter. He previously worked with WBS TV, Urban TV, Spark TV, and 100.2 Galaxy FM.

After emerging victorious in the recently concluded elections, Mr. Mosh quit his Radio and TV jobs to focus on his political career.

However, it looks like he is not ready to settle for only politics.

We have exclusively learned that the former singer has started a talent school known as Zenji Talent Academy.

The school will mainly train deejays, Radio and TV presenters, Mcees and many more in the multimedia industry.

Mr. Mosh says he will use his expertise together with other professional tutors to teach the new emerging talents the workings of the industry and how to succeed.