Big Eye Warns Comedian Sammy For Disrespecting Sevo

Posted: 2021-03-28T20:32:16Z
Big Eye Warns Comedian Sammy For Disrespecting Sevo

Ever upcoming musician Big Eye has asked comedian Sammy of the Mighty family to respect President Museveni's name.

The comedian who is affiliated with the National Unity Platform (NUP) has been soiling the president's name on social media.

In a Facebook post, Big Eye expressed his disappointment. He stated that the comedian has no space among the rightful thinking members of society.

"I feel so mad about this guy called sam of the mighty family.  We are not going to handle everything gently however much I wanna be respected. Put respect on President Museveni, he deserves the respect. We don't force you to support him but don't go beyond the limits. He is more than a Ugandan President," he posted.

Sammy, a vocal government critic has been criticized by any for abusing the President.