My TV Station Is Worth 5 Billion —Kato Lubwama 

Posted: 2021-03-23T19:22:27Z
My TV Station Is Worth 5 Billion —Kato Lubwama 

Rubaga South MP, Kato Lubwama is a man of his words. He talks like a chatterbox and when he talks, he raises dust.

Lately, he has taken to proving how rich he is. Given a chance, he loves to brag how well off he will stay even after the payment from parliament stops dropping on his account.

Among the things he mentions, that will continue to pay him is his television channel Biliv TV.

Lubwama says the channel is worth 5 billion and that alone puts him in a comfortable position whether he is in parliament or not.

Biliv, it should be noted, is not ranked among the 10 most viewed channels. It is hard to believe the station makes any profits. 

Lubwama boasted about his station while speaking to one member of the press.

The subject came up after he was asked whether he will ever go back to CBS, to which he replied that he is can't be employed, considering his worth.