Fun Factory comedian cheats death 

Posted: 2021-03-15T19:19:53Z
Fun Factory comedian cheats death 

On Monday afternoon, a building along Kampala Road collapsed and five people lost their lives, leaving many injured. 

The people who were in the building had gone to attend lunch-hour prayers led by pastor Samuel Kasanka.

Fun Factory comedian, Namanda Kiwanuka, narrowly survived losing her life. She is currently bedridden and nursing injuries. 

According to Fun Factory boss, Bugingo Hannington, who paid her a visit at the hospital, Namanda is steadily recovering.

 “She has finally responded! She says she wasn’t hit! But the trauma is still too much!” Bugingo informed fans

Comedian Richard Tuwangye also posted, "Today I experienced first hand how terrible extreme shock and trauma can be. 

Our sister Namanda Kiwanuka was for lunch-hour prayers when that church collapsed this afternoon..she survived physical injury by God's grace but she saw hell break loose inches away..the shock and psychological trauma got the best of her.

The medical team at St Catherine Hospital has done their part and she is recovering at what they advise is good speed. 

She is currently in the care of family and we have faith that she will fully recover and be her usual cheeky and bubbly self.