Spice Diana Falls Out  with Her Deejay

Posted: 2021-03-03T21:19:21Z Read: 2,728 times
Spice Diana Falls Out  with Her Deejay

Musician Spice Diana together with her manager, Roger Lubega established a record label, Source Management that saw them sign deejays, camera crews, and digital handlers among others.

One of the many people who were hired to push Spice Diana’s brand was  Sande Classic, who has been the singer’s official deejay. 

 Sande Classic fell out with his employers because they did not allow him to pursue his dreams of managing artists. He is now handling an upcoming artist known as Mosh Mavoko formerly under Capital Music Icons.

Their partnership has started in high gear by releasing a remix of Mosh Mavoko’s single, “Bitandike” that features Rabadaba, Recho Rey, and Tumbiza Sound hitmaker Eezzy.