Kato Lubwama Won’t Grass After Parliament — Kasuku 

Posted: 2021-01-20T21:25:16Z Read: 2,321 times
Kato Lubwama Won’t Grass After Parliament — Kasuku 

Often, life after Parliament is normally hard for some legislators. They normally downgrade to a lifestyle that they are not used to.

Radio presenter, Isaac Katende is commonly known as Kasuku has given his two cents on what he thinks on Kato Lubwama’s exit from parliament.

According to the presenter, Lubwama won’t be affected financially.

“He will comfortably switch from the political wing back to his theatre and he still has the potential to make money as a performing artist,” Kasuku said in a media interview on Tuesday.

Kasuku also has an inkling that Lubwama could be given a ministerial position or any other in the Ministry of Culture.