I Brought Tumbiza Sound Singer to Kampala — DJ Crim

Posted: 2021-01-18T11:27:25Z Read: 1,504 times
I Brought Tumbiza Sound Singer to Kampala — DJ Crim

DJ Crim is always waiting for an opportunity to be in the news. 

He recently claimed that he had been paid 20M by Presidential candidate John Katumba as appreciation for recording a song praising him.

The latest is that he said that he brought Tumbiza Sound singer,  Eezy to Kampala.

“I found him in Gulu for the first. He told me he wanted to cross to Kampala so I decided to do a song with him called "Karuma" which introduced him to the market here. It is after that that he came up with Tumbiza,” Crim said in an interview.

He went on to say he is also made the Kachumbali song a hit.

“I used to play that song in Ndejje and no one knew about it. It started trending there before people in Kampala knew about it. I brought it here to the Kampala audience,” he added.

“No one gives me credit for all the things I have done,” DJ Crim lamented.