Chameleone Supports  Bobi Wine over Flying Out  Kids

Posted: 2021-01-07T19:58:37Z Read: 2,261 times
Chameleone Supports  Bobi Wine over Flying Out  Kids

The Leone Island boss and Lord mayor hopeful Jose Chameleone has commended Bobi Wine for taking his children to the USA, a few days before the general elections on 14th January.

Chameleone said just like other children, Bobi Wine's kids need their freedom and it was wise for the NUP leader to secure the safety of his children abroad.

The "king leer" singer said many times his children have been dragged into dirty politics and traumatized yet they nothing to do with politics.

"I think I wholeheartedly agree with Bobi Wine to take his kids away from here. These innocent souls have on several occasions been dragged into politics. They have been traumatized. I mean they are kids and deserve an environment that is safe for them. It is the most decent thing to do," he said in a local radio interview.

On Thursday morning, the Internet was buzzing with photos of Bobi Wine at the airport with his children. The presidential candidate sought refugee for his kids in the USA.