Irene Ntale, Universal Music Group Relationship ... OVER!

Posted: 2021-01-03T20:00:41Z
Irene Ntale, Universal Music Group Relationship ... OVER!

Just over a year ago, Irene Ntale signed for global record label Universal Music Group (UMG).

Since joining the music label, not a lot has improved on her career. 

She managed to release an EP dubbed "Sukaali" months ago but the reception from the fans was not as good as expected.

On the entire EP, Irene Ntale failed to get a hit song thus failing to cope with competition from the likes of Sheebah, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, and Spice Diana among others.

For now, she can easily be graded as a failed female artist. She knows this and she is trying to do something about it.

News from insiders indicates that the singer is planning to quit the record label that only focuses on distributing her music. 

We have also been informed that Irene Ntale is recording an Album with no attachments to