Model Doreen Kabareebe ventures in Brand Coaching  

Posted: 2021-01-01T17:34:30Z Read: 992 times
Model Doreen Kabareebe ventures in Brand Coaching  

Since returning from Dubai, city model and fashion influencer Kabareebe has restructured her position in the showbiz world and spread her influence in the entertainment industry.

Doreen Kabareebe has launched DK Branding Coach company to add to a streak of personal businesses and a charity organisation, Kabareebe Models for Charity.

DK Branding Coach company specialises in coaching, mentoring and branding.

With the new venture, 2021 seems like the year she makes the huge statement with more intentional marketing and branding.

The launch comes days after Kabareebe launched her private fashion brand Dora’s and website

About Doreen Kabareebe

Doreen Kabareebe is a marketeer specialising in helping business and personal brands grow. She is an award winning Model, Philanthropist and Consultant.

Doreen now works with clients around the country and those in the Diaspora helping them and their businesses to maximise their marketing efforts.

She is a graduate of Public Administration and Management and a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy who has done a variety of work and led with excellence. She is a recipient of the famous Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

She helps female professionals and companies in making their expertise visible and build their reputation in an authentic way that can create values beyond profits with their marketing.

Congratulations Doreen!