Bebe Cool Is Sevo's Bootlicker - King Saha

Posted: 2020-11-29T20:16:54Z Read: 1,342 times
Bebe Cool Is Sevo's Bootlicker - King Saha

King Saha and Bebe Cool are sworn enemies. 

Their problems stem from their differences in political ideologies and party affiliations.

The beef also escalated when Bebe Cool advised King Saha to reduce on using  weed  or risk losing his life.

Since then, King Saha has been speaking ill about the Gagamel boss.

During a recent interview, King Saha, said Bebe Cool is a certified Sevo bootlicker.

According to King Saha, Bebe Cool’s age mates, Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone are working hard towards achieving big political milestones but Bebe Cool only knows how to distribute NRM  yellow T-shirts.