The Mafias will take SK Mbuga’s wealth - Kasuku 

Posted: 2020-11-17T21:10:48Z Read: 1,098 times
The Mafias will take SK Mbuga’s wealth - Kasuku 

Less than a week ago, Tycoon SK  Mbuga labelled Bobi Wine as a puppet that intends to sell the country once he takes over power.

SK Mbuga was bashed by Bobi Wine’s supporters who claimed he has no moral authority to attack their leader.

Veteran journalist Kasuku has now advised SK Mbuga to stay away from politics or risk losing his wealth to the mafias.

 “I want to assure you from here that after a like a year or two, we will hear Mbuga crying of mafias. I’m certain that SK Mbuga’s fate will end in tears. I know how the system operates,” Kasuku said.

This comes months after another self styled  tycoon, Bryan White claimed that the mafia were working hard to take his wealth.