Bebe Cool, Son  Disagree Over New Management 

Posted: 2020-11-09T19:47:32Z Read: 1,869 times
Bebe Cool, Son  Disagree Over New Management 

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool is reportedly disappointed with son, Allan Hendrick alias Paper Daddy over trying to seal a deal with a new management company in town.

It is reported that Allan Hendrick informed his father about his plans  but he is not willing to let him go. He believes Gagamel will do the best for him.

"Allan has people who are willing to invest in his music but Bebe Cool insists he still needs him in Gagamel.They have failed to agree on the issue," a source who asked for anonymity claimed.

In an interview early this year, Bebe Cool said his son will have to go through steps to gain momentum in the music industry. He said its not a one day thing to be a star and asked the son to be patient.