NUP Disowns Mayinja 

Posted: 2020-11-01T19:39:34Z Read: 2,595 times
NUP Disowns Mayinja 

The National Unity platform (NUP) leaders in the music sector have  renounced controversial singer Ronald Mayinja claiming he is mentally unstable.

Manager Kayemba Solo in company of musician Kazibwe Kapo said  Ronald Mayinja is not in his right senses.

"There is no more relation between NUP and Ronald Mayinja. We assume he has a mental problem and needs urgent help. Basing on his actions lately, he needs to check in a rehabilitation center," Kapo said in an interview with Kasuku wazabanga.

Last week, Mayinja released a campaign song for President Museveni. In the song, he praises Museveni as the only visionary leader in the country.