TV Presenters Failed My Career - Gift of Kaddo

Posted: 2020-10-06T20:49:42Z Read: 1,170 times
TV Presenters Failed My Career - Gift of Kaddo

Faded singer Gift of Kaddo blames television presenters for failing his talent. 

The struggling musician claims the industry is full of mafias who sabotage artistes. 

He says many TV presenters are allegedly paid not to play his music.

Gift of Kaddo worries that many upcoming singers might  find it hard to penetrate the industry because they lack money to pay TV presenters and DJ's who play songs.

"The negativity of our TV and Radio presenters failed my music. Presenters were blinded by money and I couldn't pay them to play my music.I see many managers buying off these presenters with money but I can't do the same. I feel bad for the young musicians," he wrote on his social media pages.

Gift of Kaddo last had a hit song in 2011 when he featured the late Mr. X on the Co Driver song.