UMA Boss Ykee Benda Asks  Police to Discipline Buchaman

Posted: 2020-10-01T19:37:46Z Read: 976 times
UMA Boss Ykee Benda Asks  Police to Discipline Buchaman

The President of Uganda Musicians' Association(UMA), Ykee Benda has tasked  Uganda police and all law enforcement organisations in the country to arrest  Buchaman.

This is after a disturbing video clip surfaced on social media showing Bucha man beating up faded singer Rocky Giant. The video has since attracted public outcry.

Ykee Benda says  Buchaman is not above any  law in Uganda, his actions should be condemned by all the right thinking Ugandans.

"Police of Uganda, we need answers on the arrest of this Crook Bucha man. The  world is watching... No one is above the law, am certainly sure you saw the disturbing clip where he was beating up a fellow artist," he said during a radio interview when he was asked to comment on Buchaman's saga.