Tamale Mirundi to hit studio with Spice Diana 

Posted: 2020-09-23T21:03:10Z Read: 1,463 times
Tamale Mirundi to hit studio with Spice Diana 

Political analyst Tamale Mirundi is a man of all seasons.

The latest info indicates that he wants to do a remix for Spice Diana's single “Bijikona”. He confesses that he is in love with the song, he can't stop singing it.

He revealed he is in  advanced talks with Spice Diana’s manager, Rodger Lubega to do a remix of the song. 

“I spoke to manager Roger on phone and requested that we do a remix of Bajikona because that song is awesome, its message is so deep. In fact, that song can be remixed in several versions,”Tamale said while appearing on his weekly show on one of the city televisions.

He emphasized that he is ready, he is just waiting for Manager Rodger’s approval.