Papa Cindy Reaping Big From Tailoring Business 

Posted: 2020-09-22T21:13:37Z
Papa Cindy Reaping Big From Tailoring Business 

Artists who once had stable careers in music are struggling to fill the void after failing to perform for months due to Covid-19.

Although online music consumption has increased, musicians are still suffering. Many receive only tiny payouts from streaming sites.

Most of them are venturing into farming and other business to earn cash.

Former Leone Island singer Papa Cindy revealed his tailoring business saved him from starving.

He earns more money from his side business compared other artists who are struggling to make ends meet.

In an interview with a local television, Papa Cidy said he is living a good life in these hard times because he can still earn. He makes outfits for clients who pay on time. 

He advised other musicians to start other businesses such as carpentry,  food stalls, fast food restaurant among others for their own survival.

"In these covid-19 times, my tairoling saved me and my family. Music  no longer brings money as it was years back. Musicians need to invest in other business that bring in money," he said.