20 arrested as NUP supporters demand the arrest of Sipapa

Posted: 2020-09-17T20:14:16Z Read: 775 times
20 arrested as NUP supporters demand the arrest of Sipapa

Police have arrested over 20 supporters of the National Unity Platform (People Power) for engaging in a demonstration. 

At about 11:30am, NUP members clad in their red attire in a group of about 40, mobilized by Fred Nyanzi Sentamu carried out a procession holding placards demanding for the arrest of Charles Olima aka Sipapa for two incidents of shooting on 30th August and 15th September 2020 at their offices at Contafrica zone Kamwokya II Parish Central Division in Kampala City. 

The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango says the group blocked the Old Kira Road with logs, burning tyres to prevent any other road user from accessing it.

However, NUP supporters have vowed to continue demonstrating until Sipapa is arrested. 

The 20 suspects who were arrested by police are being charged with illegal procession and their case files will be processed and submitted to Director of Public Prosecutions.

“All tyres used in the demonstration were picked from Nyanzi's building. According to intelligence reports, recieved more tyres are being ferried.”

Onyango says Police later restored order in the area and business returned to normal.

He warned NUP supporters that the government has institutions where they can channel their grievances other than taking the law in their hands.