Levixone is Being Used to Fight Wars—Kaye Wisdom 

Posted: 2020-09-10T07:23:09Z
Levixone is Being Used to Fight Wars—Kaye Wisdom 

Outspoken gospel artiste Wisdom Kaye has given his view on Levixone’s decision to return a car that was given to him by Afande Lanek, a gospel singer and president of Uganda Gospel singers Association.

Levixone returned the car and said Lanek was  riding on the gift of a car to disrespect him and also involve his name in unnecessary battles.
Upon receiving the car, Lanek gave it to Wisdom Kaye, who has been praising Lanek as the best president of the association.

According to Wisdom, Levixone is being used by people who want Lanek to step down or be removed from his current position as president.

Wisdom says some of the people using Levixone are pastors.

It should noted  that the Mercedes Benz was gifted to Levixone during his 2018 “Turn the Reply” concert which filled to capacity at Lugogo Cricket Oval.