Baby Gloria Roots For Pregnancy

Posted: 2020-08-18T21:33:49Z
Baby Gloria Roots For Pregnancy

In 2017,  Dembe FM presenter Kasuku sparked off a rumour that gospel singer Baby Gloria had been ballooned. It was also alleged that her contract with Movit was on line over the rumours.

But Baby Gloria capitalised on the saga to come up with a song titled “Mbu ndi Lubuto” literally translated as “That I’m pregnant”. In the song, she talked about her story.

In a recent interview with a YouTuber, Gloria said she is now old enough to be in a serious relationship. She differentiates between the good and bad.

When she was asked  how the pregnancy rumours affected her, she said she felt bad about herself because haters were spreading falsehoods.

"It affected me and even my parents were disturbed. I have never been pregnant.I am old enough now to differentiate between the bad and good. I am now ready to be pregnant because I am old enough," she said.