Gravity Omutujju is Stupid - Ykee Benda

Posted: 2020-08-11T08:32:23Z Read: 1,954 times
Gravity Omutujju is Stupid - Ykee Benda

The President of Uganda Musicians' Association, Ykee Benda responded to Gravity Omutujju's claims that he is inexperienced to lead the association.

Ykee Benda said Gravity Omutujju is stupid and selfish. He can not think for every musician in Uganda.

He also confirmed that  Gravity Omutujju never attends meetings so he has no moral authority to criticise the leaders of the association.

"Gravity Omutujju is not competent to criticise leaders of the association. He missed all the meetings and he is stupid to think he can decide for all artists," Ykee Benda explained during an interview with a local television.