Pia Pounds Vows Never to Do Collabos Again

Posted: 2020-08-03T20:45:51Z Read: 2,061 times
Pia Pounds Vows Never to Do Collabos Again

Sexy Pia Pounds has vowed never to work again with any artiste in Uganda. This came after she was snubbed by rapper Feffe Buusi.

Last week, the two were supposed to shoot a music video for their song entitled, Taala, but Ffefe Bbusi failed to turn up.

Pia Pounds and her management camped at the location starting at 10 am and waited for the entire day but he didn't show up.

According to a source, Feffe Bbusi, who had earlier confirmed his presence made a last-minute U-turn. Pia Pounds was seen crying uncontrollably but  she later decided to record a video for her song, Tuu Parte.